Celeste Edwards

Sunday, March 25, 2012

real beauty

I took my mother to visit her sister and her best friend who both live in the nursing home. My mother was sitting next to a window in the hallway as we waited to see her friend. I pulled out my camera and snapped this picture. After I got home and had seen what I had captured I couldn't stop gazing at this photograph of her. For one, my mother doesn't like to have her picture taken, so most of the photos I have she is sporting a very unnatural smile, if I'm even fortunate enough to capture a smile from her. As I was staring at this picture of her on my computer, her words came to mind, "It's hell getting old". The journaling reads:

"It's hell getting old." That's what I've heard you say for years now. I can only imagine when I am your age, only then will I be able to have a better understanding of that phrase you use so often. No woman wants to look old. If you saw this picture I'm sure you would see more lines and wrinkles than you would care to see. But when I see them, they bring to mind stories of your life. Stories of trials. Stories of a difficult marriage. Stories of laughter with your sisters and your children and your friends. Stories of heartbreak when you lost your beloved son Phil, and your best friend and sister Betty; and even your husband. Stories of accomplishments in your life. Stories of the countless hours you spent in the sun. But most of all those lines tell they story of a woman who raised eight children lovingly and selflessly. Those lines tell the story of a life lived to the fullest. They are beautiful, and so are you mom.

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