Celeste Edwards

Sunday, September 9, 2012

no daughters, but nieces

I was blessed with three wonderful sons. I never thought I would be daughterless though (as I am the only one out of 8 children that didn't have any daughters). But, I have been blessed with many wonderful nieces. Only a few are like daughters to me. This is one of them. Her name is Audra.

I don't get to see Audra as often as I like, but when I do I always walk away happy.
She had some rough circumstances to deal with growing up but has turned out to be
one of the most beautiful people I know. Here are some of the reasons I love her so much.

- She makes me laugh...and hard!
- She's genuine; what you see is what you get
- She speaks her mind, but never in a way that makes you think
 "Why would she say that?"
- She's comfortable with who she is and never makes excuses. I love that about her.
- She's positive.  The older I get, I only want to surround myself with positive people.
- She works hard. Working a job and going to school....no easy task.
- She is an absolute joy to be around.

Like I said, whenever I walk away from being with her, I walk away happy.
No daughters for me, but she is the next best thing!

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  1. Audra is fortunate to have you in her life too. I love my nieces too and I need to give them a call, thanks Celeste!